Modern Garage Door Openers: Smartphone Connectivity & Spring Cycle Detection

In the world of garage doors, we’re witnessing remarkable advancements designed to enhance convenience and safety. At Integrity Overhead Doors, we’ve embraced two monumental features in our latest product line: smartphone & Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers and the revolutionary spring cycle counting & torque detection technologies.

Smartphone & Wi-Fi Enabled Openers
Gone are the days of misplacing or fumbling with the traditional garage door remote. Now, with a simple tap on your smartphone, you can open or close your garage from anywhere, ensuring maximum convenience and security. And with Wi-Fi connectivity, get real-time alerts on door activity, set schedules, or even integrate it with your home’s smart system.

Spring Cycle Counting & Torque Detection
Safety and longevity are paramount. Our innovative spring cycle counting feature tracks the number of times your garage door opens and closes, allowing us to predict when maintenance is due. Additionally, the torque detection system monitors the force exerted by the door, offering added safety by preventing potential mishaps or damages.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance and innovate, ensuring you get the best of modern garage solutions.

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